New cybercommunity connects Dutch CISOs


31 oktober 2023

A new cybersecurity community is being established, joining Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) from Dutch businesses in different industries, non-profit organizations, and government, working together on knowledge sharing, mutual support, competency building, cybersecurity governance, and repositioning the CISO role in the organization.

“The CISO role has matured fast. Increasingly, CISOs report directly to the board. Cybersecurity has become Chefsache, and so, the time for a dedicated community has arrived,” said Dimitri van Zantvliet, Director of Cybersecurity and CISO at Dutch Railways and one of the initiators.

The new community will be presented on November 21 at CIODAY. With support from ICT Media, workshops, roundtables, and events will be organized, like the annual CISODAY, held every Spring, where a CISO of the Year will be chosen. There will be a public content platform,, and a member-only environment to exchange tips and knowledge securely.

“Having built up a close-knit CxO community in the Netherlands over the past twenty years, we see the CISO deserves its own place. It is, therefore, logical if they are represented by an independent community that can act as a separate stakeholder,” said Rob Beijleveld, CEO of ICT Media.

The initiative’s primary goal is to increase cybersecurity maturity in the Netherlands. The community aims to reposition cybersecurity in the boardroom, contribute to knowledge development, stimulate the conversation between relevant stakeholders, and create a cybersecurity domain ecosystem that helps security providers shape their roadmaps.


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