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Cloud Journey program

The Cloud Journey program aims to offer participants a path to a more sustainable cloud transition through the exchange of knowledge and experiences by frontrunners and the participants themselves.

This program gives C-level executives practical insights and shows them lessons learned by others to help them shape their cloud journey. Participants can participate in a survey to benchmark their organization, and exchange valuable insights, “blockers” and opportunities during workshop sessions. With the cooperation of the participants, we will bundle all knowledge in a series of articles and a whitepaper.

The Cloud Journey program is moderated by Prof. dr. Erik Beulen.


Research study 2022 – Setting a Strategic Cloud Roadmap

Many organizations are well on their way with cloud adoption, but lack alignment with their business strategy and are on the verge of creating a cloud legacy. They need to focus on setting a strategic cloud roadmap, which goes beyond “cloud first” or “cloud unless”.

Organizations need to understand cloud offerings better, especially in light of the current cloud landscape. The continuous consolidation by means of acquisitions in the cloud services market, increasing cyber security threat levels as well as evolving legislation, complicate setting a strategic cloud roadmap.

This cloud journey project studies how organizations can deploy their cloud roadmap, of which the foundation is the cloud maturity model from the previous study. We will develop a cloud maturity decision tree supporting the cloud roadmap. This includes cloud capability building and ways in which collaboration with technology partners can be fostered. Furthermore, this study explores cloud migration strategies for legacy applications, as well as architecting clouds, which includes facilitating data exchange via internal & external APIs.

Research papers

Prof. dr. Erik Beulen

Prof. dr. Erik Beulen is a full professor at Tilburg University and the Academic Director for the executive MSc Information Management and core faculty for the executive MSc IT-audit at TIAS School for Business and Society at Tilburg University – the Netherlands. He is an Information Management professor at University of Manchester. He lectures Disruptive Technologies at Aliance Manchester Business School (AMBS). He is also an academic supervisor/coach of the Global AMBS International Business Projects.


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Chief Digital Officer Wholesale & Rural at Rabobank

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COO, Member of the Managing Board at GarantiBBVA International NV