Highly Resilient Organizations

The perfect storm around cybersecurity makes many directors and managers wonder about the security maturity of their own organizations. Threats are constantly evolving and the consequences of non-compliance with the latest security standards can be severe. There is a strong need for the exchange of the latest insights among CIOs and CISOs looking for best practices.

At the same time, we see a broader discussion around security, risk, and liability in the context of digital transformation. It is a discussion that certainly also takes place at the executive board and the supervisory board levels.

Cybersecurity is an inseparable part of digital transformation. As such, it earned a spot in the HP programs. The HSO program forces CIOs and CISOs to take a holistic approach that goes beyond technology.

In November 2020, we started a short survey on the maturity of cybersecurity, followed by a series of four workshops in 2021. We received a lot of positive responses, now it is time to delve deeper into the findings.

To guarantee the quality of the interactive sessions we have so-called ambassadors from Eneco, Rabobank, Robeco, and Stedin on board. On top of that, we collaborate with an academic institution and multiple knowledge partners.

As a result of the research study, the article ‘Secure in the digital age’ was published (Dutch).


Justin Broeders

CSO at Eneco

Johan Sturm

Chief Information Security Officer at Robeco

Olav Roes

Sr. Service Owner Network Security & Connectivity – Rabobank