High Performance Programs


Many things related to information technology have permanently shifted over the last three years, which has led to dilemmas on the supply and demand sides of IT.

We have mapped out the challenges on the demand side based on our frequent polls within the Dutch community of CIOs, CDOs, and CTOs. We understand their dilemmas and recognize the “pain and gain” for both executives and their organizations.

Developing a digitally-driven business strategy is at the top of their agenda, followed by bringing activities in the field of data and technology to a higher level. The transformational power of cloud, platforms, and artificial intelligence, among other things, is widely recognized.

Other topics that demand a lot of attention from CIOs and related executives are, realizing new digital growth, new ways of working (or collaboration), digitizing the core, working in ecosystems, and cybersecurity and data privacy. Information security is a critical aspect of digital transformations across all industries.
All these topics contribute to the digital skills and acceleration that are characteristic of successful digital organizations. However, this often requires interventions from CxOs to drive the intended changes.


Our programs for 2023-25

In our HP programs, we will explore four content & networking streams supported by the Advisory Board (consisting of the CIO of the Year Association and several thought leaders),


Why participate?

Because the CIO community and the CIO ambassadors are actively involved, the programs are demand-driven

They are relevant for your internal (transformation) journeys, and have a multi-level approach (they are not only for the CxO, but also of interest for direct reports and business partners)

We have “holistic,” organization-wide discussions but also offer practical guidelines to help you reach the next maturity level

We commission independent academic research and integrate content – research and publications – plus offer you a professional network (through in-depth sessions)

We involve multiple vendors to create ecosystems of knowledge partners

Proven use cases and experiences between community members and knowledge partners are shared