High Performance Digital Organizations

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High Performance Digital Organizations

The HPDO program takes a closer look at how companies are approaching digital transformation, and at the pitfalls in their digital journey. We have highlighted specific topics like leadership, digital & data maturity, adoption, and partnering.

Our research and activities over the last years show that organizations are not there yet. We are only at the beginning. Today, we no longer talk about IT & business, but about technology and the economy (the operating model). This means that we have to focus on the internal discussions with the executive board, the supervisory board, and the key stakeholders.

The purpose of this program is to provide C-level executives with practical insights and tools they can apply in their daily work and challenges to become a High-Performance Digital Organization – or strengthen their business. The program aims to do this by sharing knowledge and experiences.

The HPDO program is moderated by Prof. dr. Erik Beulen.


Research study 2022 – Data Sharing in Value Chains

Many organizations are exploring new business models based on sharing data in value chains. They are successful in creating value, but should not overlook competitive and legal challenges.

Ecosystems are more dynamic than ever before. The number of value chains that an organization participates in is increasing significantly. On top of that, the participation of organizations getting more diverse as well. A company can lead and initiate in one value chain, and just be a vendor in another. Oftentimes, organizations partner in certain value chains and compete in others. Furthermore, legislation, especially for global value chains, is almost never straightforward and continuously changing. This increasing complexity sets challenging requirements for digital transformations.

This HPDO project studies how organizations deal with sharing data while facing value chain dynamics. It provides guidance on securing and improving competitive positions, and, for governmental organizations, on creating public value. This project addresses the joint creation of intellectual property, the adoption and implementation of artificial intelligence in digital transformations and provides insights in how to guarantee data quality, and ensure data governance of shared data.

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Prof. dr. Erik Beulen

Prof. dr. Erik Beulen is a full professor at Tilburg University and the Academic Director for the executive MSc Information Management and core faculty for the executive MSc IT-audit at TIAS School for Business and Society at Tilburg University – the Netherlands. He is an Information Management professor at University of Manchester. He lectures Disruptive Technologies at Aliance Manchester Business School (AMBS). He is also an academic supervisor/coach of the Global AMBS International Business Projects.


Hylke Sprangers

Ton van Dijk

CIO at Pon Holdings

Nieke Martens

Chief KYC Officer Retail NL at Rabobank bij Rabobank

Claudia de Andrade de Wit

Director Digital & IT at Port of Rotterdam

Geert van der Hoek

Director of Data, Innovation & Analytics at Nederlandse Spoorwegen

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