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If you look at today’s business pacesetters across the globe and ask what they have in common, one characteristic stands out: they are all digital leaders.
Successful leaders put digital technology at the center of their business strategy, understanding that this is key to scaling and staying competitive in the modern economy. Moreover, they know that going digital is essential to unlock new opportunities and support sustainability goals.

Once again Equinix and ICT Media will join forces to discuss how organizations can embrace digital technology to thrive today and prepare for tomorrow. With Digital Leaders Boardroom: CIO TV in collaboration with C-level executives from leading companies in EMEA, we will talk about themes such as subscription economy, integrating with digital ecosystems, interacting at the digital edge and achieving sustainable development goals via IT optimization.

Furthermore, various content matter experts from BCG, KPMG, PWC and Deloitte discuss key initiatives that demonstrate how digital-first operating, interacting and collaboration leads to competitive advantage.

Thriving in a digital subscription economy

Traditional infrastructures can’t support modern needs. Today 82% of organizations view XaaS as critically important for business success. How to become digital-first by converging infrastructure, applications and services?

– Mel Jacobs – ABN AMRO Bank
– Judith Gardiner – Equinix
– Martin Olij – HPE
– Marc Schuuring – BCG

Host: Rob Beijleveld

8 July 2022

Integrating with digital ecosystems

In a digital ecosystem, suppliers, customers and trading partners can collaborate instantaneously. This drives efficient decisions, innovation and amplified value. How can ecosystem participation accelerate growth?

– Astrid Zwiers – SVB
– Orla Ni Chorcora – Equinix
– Dave van Meer – OBS
– Ghelmer Brilleman – PwC

Host: Rob Beijleveld

22 July 2022

Interacting at the digital edge

Companies must deliver superior experiences in proximity to where business happens. How can you be more agile and take advantage of expansion opportunities in spite of supply chain issues?

Kevin Raaijmakers – Signify
– Johan Arts – Equinix
– Glenn Brouwer – BrainCreators
– Bas Overtoom – KPMG

Host: Rob Beijleveld

5 August 2022

Achieving sustainable development goals via IT optimization

Customers, consumers and employees increasingly demand that organizations grow, innovate and operate in a responsible manner. What is the role of IT in achieving sustainability goals?

– Aloys Kregting – Two times winner CIO of the Year Award
– Michiel Eielts – Equinix
– Isabel Moll – Dell
– Jeroen Louman – Deloitte

Host: Rob Beijleveld

19 August 2022



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