Sustainable Performance Organizations (SPO)

The SPO program takes a closer look at how organizations can integrate both digital and business sustainability in their daily work.

About the program

Sustainability is a hot topic in Large Enterprise organizations. The five topics of sustainability – climate change, sustainable finance, responsible investment, sustainable value chain, and sustainable workforce – are becoming part of the day-to-day business execution.

The High-Performance program SPO aims to offer participants a path to a more sustainable environment, focusing on both digital sustainability (cost efficiency) and business sustainability (value). The program not only focuses on energy from the use of technology but also on the (re)use of raw materials to produce appliances. Based on use cases, we explore possibilities and provide insights into the impact.

The purpose of this program is to provide C-level executives and sustainability officers with practical insights and tools they can apply in their daily work to implement sustainability as an integral part of their business. The program aims to do this by sharing knowledge and experiences.

To add scientific and objective value, the SPO program is moderated by Prof. dr. Erik Beulen.

Prof. dr. Erik Beulen

Erik is an Information Management professor at University of Manchester – UK. His research focusses on digital transformations, data analytics and platforms. In 2012 he has done a program focussed on Green IT together with ICT Media and is excited to lead this program to see how far both business and IT have developed on the sustainability front.

He is also a professor at Tilburg University and the Academic Director for the executive MSc Information Management and core faculty for the executive MSc IT-audit at TIAS School for Business and Society at Tilburg University – the Netherlands.