Organizations are at a crossroads. The corona crisis has hit hard and the importance of “keeping the lights on” has been underlined once again. However, even now the competition is not twiddling their thumbs; innovation and digital transformation are essential to keep the way to the future open.

In a series of online C-level meetings, CIO Magazine addresses the question of what digital transformation looks like today and what this means for leadership at the present time.

We see three waves of digital transformation. It usually starts with a technology-oriented change, after which the focus shifts to services. The third wave of transformation is market-oriented. The involvement of the business increases with every wave. The methods differ.

This series of top events discusses all this, both for the economy as a whole, and for a number of core sectors specifically.

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Date T.B.D. – Culemborg

The sector is working hard to reduce costs and streamline processes. Methods such as agile and DevOps are widely followed. At the same time, it is very important to get to know the customer better. What role do data and AI play in this regard? There are plenty of opportunities and threats: fintech, open banking, data quality and risk, and better service to SMEs.

27 October – Culemborg

Traditionally, this sector is not at the forefront of digitization. What initiatives do we see now? Industry 4.0, with the use of data, IoT and AI, is important. E-commerce and workflow automation are gaining ground. But what is the impact of the crisis, for example on supply chains?

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Speaker: Cheryl Tilly, CIO at DSM

Date T.B.D. – Culemborg

Many government agencies are working hard to improve services to citizens. Automation of work processes and better use of data are central to this. It is a complex playing field, where many factors such as governance, culture, inclusiveness, privacy and the skills gap play a role.


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