HPDO Session

The HPDO Challenge is a community of Digital Leaders, consisting out of your peers, that would like to discuss, network and collaborate on achieving more growth in the digital domain. They come together regularly to review the progress on their digital challenges.
Over the past two years the HPDO community has come together during eight successful sessions and the next challenge will be hosted on March 14th. Will you join us as well?

During the session we will discuss on Digital Leadership & data as key drivers for digital transformation and the achievement of the High-Performance Digital Organisation state. For Digital Leaders, change management capabilities are important. The change is not limited to processes and the organizational structure but is extended to redefining product and service offerings. This includes breaking down traditional silos, challenging everything that is in place on any level, and introducing agility.

Are you the Digital Leader to implement your data-driven Digital Transformation?


mrt 14 2019


3:30 pm - 9:30 pm


HPDO Agenda


Villa Voorburg