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HPDO Session ‘Data Sharing in Value Chains’

9 maart 2023 @ 12:00 - 16:00

Data Sharing strengthens end-to-end value journeys – digital transformation challenges ahead for CXOs

 Data is at the heart of the digital transformations and require data sharing in organisations, which is already mature in many organisations, as well as data sharing in value chains, which is more challenging. Data sharing strengthens end-to-end value journeys. Organisations need to enable data (re)use, facilitate data democratization and ensure secure data processing as an integral part of cyber security across end-to-end value journeys.

 Digital transformation also drive client focused changes in operation models, organisation models and business models and require collaboration and partnering. Adopting new technologies is no longer the biggest challenge for organisations, as most organisations have embraced modular IT. Although, many organisations making their first baby steps in the adoption and implementation of Artificial Intelligence, which is a key enabler in any digital transformation, as well as in data sharing in end-to-end value journeys.

 The focus of this study in on how data can be used, with a clear external focus on sharing data in end-to-end value journeys. Data has to be used to secure and improve competitive positions within value journeys, as well as in the market. Value journeys dynamics make it even harder to remain competitive and might require different operating models and new innovative business models. In order to be successful in sharing data in value journeys, also high quality data and proper data governance are a prerequisite, but not a given, for any organisation. In the first session on December 12 we will explore this topic and set the beacons for this market research study. 

 CXOs need to be able to respond adequately to all these challenges and guide their organisation in sharing data in value journeys.


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