CIO TV #92 HPDO Special – Data sharing strengthens end-to-end value journeys


30 augustus 2023

Data quality and data governance form the foundation for enhancing end-to-end value journeys in dynamic market conditions. However, organizations need to avoid competitive positions that could be jeopardized by indiscriminate data sharing. Additionally, particularly in the manufacturing sector, the creation of intellectual property (IP) holds significance, alongside co-creation. This, too, necessitates data sharing. Lastly, embarking on artificial intelligence journeys is also essential. It’s crucial to understand that sharing insights goes beyond the mere sharing of data. Eric Overvoorde (Royal HaskoningDHV), Erik Beulen (The University of Manchester & Tilburg University), Johan Stockmann (Boston Consulting Group (BCG)) and Malay Srivastava (Wipro) will discuss it in a CIO TV HPDO (High Performance Digital Organizations) Special.

On 28 September, Prof. dr. Erik Beulen will put the outcomes of the most recent HPDO survey on data sharing into context. Guest speaker(s) will share their experience with data sharing in value chains. Are you interested? Then join us via You can still participate in the survey; it will only take 10-15 minutes. All responses are collected and processed anonymously. Participating is possible via this link:

The HPDO program is sponsored by Wipro & Boston Consulting Group (BCG)