Ranadeep Sarkar

Ranadeep Sarkar (Schoeller Allibert): ‘The value of seemingly contradictory roles’

A long and impressive career within IT Service Delivery proved to be the optimal starting point for Ranadeep Sarkar to broaden his professional scope. He now combines responsibility for service delivery with the CISO role at Schoeller Allibert, the no. 1 producer and supplier of returnable transit packaging

“I have been involved in service management and delivery at various companies for a long time, but I wanted to broaden my scope,” he says. “The combination with Information Security turned out to work extremely well. The crux is that you maintain intensive contacts within the entire organization. That helps building a relationship of trust.”

Effective leader

Ranadeep Sarkar is known as an effective leader, driven by the human force in enabling teams to deliver the best. Key words: high-energy, optimistically driven, enthusiast for technology and continuously aligned with the business. Prior to Schoeller Allibert the current SD Director/CISO worked at Intertrust Group, HCL Technologies and Wipro. He has detailed experience in different industries like technology, logistics, fintech, manufacturing.

At Insights for TechLeaders, Ranadeep Sarkar will talk more about how a dual professional profile helps him as a leader. During the special CISO masterclass in the breakout program, he will discuss his role and challenges as a CISO in more detail.