Secure the Foundation for Digital Business



What is the foundation of digital business? No doubt it is data. In order to become a data-driven, digital business, some challenges need to be met. In this exclusive C-level round table session about the foundation of digital business, we will show and discuss the steps towards a modern cloud data strategy.

A clear data strategy comes first. If it is not in line with the business strategy, a lot of money will be lost. Then comes good data governance, which is all about people, policies, processes and culture. Those responsible for data strategy – IT, architect and C-level execs – should be on the same page.
Master data management and data quality are always needed, but especially so once the decision to move to the cloud has been made.

A lot of questions need to be answered. Can the cloud solution handle high volumes of data? How about security and the risk of data loss? Does the proposed solution fit into the reality of today’s multi-cloud environments? And do we actually have a sharp image of what the organisation’s data ecosystem looks like?

More fundamental changes have been introduced the last few years. New architectures based on microservices for example. New ways of working, like continuous integration and deployment. Does the cloud data strategy take those into account?

CIO Magazine and Snowflake would be happy to discuss these and many more current issues about cloud data strategies of today. During the Snowflake summit we host this private session with speakers Frank Slootman, CEO at Snowflake, Daniel Gebler, CTO at Picnic and Martijn Groenewegen, IT Director at Syntrus Achmea.


jun 17 2019


4:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Huis ter Duin


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