Marketing and IT: how Picnic does things completely different

Started out as a greenfield, online supermarket Picnic works very differently from a traditional company in many ways. For example, data and technology are interwoven in all activities. The company has many business and data analysts, but almost everyone works with data. Marketing and technology at Picnic are also not separate parts that transfer projects to each other. They work closely together in multi-disciplinary teams.

CIO Magazine and Adobe would like to invite you to an online, interactive session in which the collaboration between marketing and IT at Picnic is central. In this session, Daniel Gebler, CTO, and Cristina Berta Jones, ‘advocate of the client’, will describe how they collaborate in marketing.

In terms of marketing, Picnic is mainly concerned with product promotion and marketing the proposition to the customer. For example, when it comes to new features in the app, Cristina and her colleagues represent the interests of the customer and ensure the scope of the business case, while Daniel and his people realize the features. As mentioned, they do all this within joint teams.

Christina Berta Jones

Building the future of food – Picnic

Daniel Gebler

CTO – Picnic

Central to this session, in addition to an introduction to digital marketing at Picnic, is the question of how marketing and IT can work better together within more traditional organizations. Is Picnic’s model a viable option, or is it a bridge too far?

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jun 01 2021


2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


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