Data-driven business models – a blueprint for innovation

Quite often CIOs and CDOs have a clear view of the fast digital developments in the current market. They see the necessity of making the radical choice for a truly data-driven organization. But, once in the boardroom, it is not easy to translate this vision into a business model. This can lead to discontinuation of initiatives and frustration on both sides.

In this session, Dr. Mohamed Zaki from Cambridge University will explain what being truly data-driven means and will show what business models can be derived from it. Afterwards, the session will be dedicated to discussion and exchange of good practices between you and your peers.

Mario Suijkerbuijk, CIO of Eneco, will elaborate on the leveraging of data by the energy company. Suijkerbuijk consolidated numerous databases, datawarehouses and datalakes to one single platform, the heart of every new data-driven business initiative at Eneco. Mario Suijkerbuijk will explain how Eneco drives new business through the use of data and personalization.

The official language of this meeting is English. Attending the meeting is by invitation only and there are no costs involved. Are you interested in participating in this exclusive session, but would you like more information upfront? Please contact Frances Kosters (


feb 05 2020


3:00 pm - 8:30 pm


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