Cloud Journey – The digital transformation of GarantiBank

Marco Witteveen will share insights and lessons learned of the digital transformation of GarantiBank International. An intensive multi-year project in which the company has revamped its front- and back-office operations, tapped into the power of data, fostered innovative ways of working and much more. They applied a holistic approach by appointing process owners responsible for systematic improvement and digitising of the underlying end-to-end processes. Also here a “cloud unless strategy” played a major role in transforming their technology landscape, also in combination with a bi-modal architecture with systems of engagement and systems of record. At this point GarantiBank International has realized significant improvements, especially for the customer facing processes. In addition the productivity and release capacity of IT dramatically increased. Doing this primarily internally with existing employees and within the same overall budget makes this an extremely interesting story.

Our society is moving towards a platform era and an unprecedented digital acceleration. That’s why CIO Magazine started a research program with the continued adoption of the cloud as a focal point. This Cloud Journey highlights four important aspects that play a role in C-level decision making: business, people, organization (change management) and technology.

Don’t let your cloud journey be a lonely affair. Join us and sign up for the online session of 29 October.




okt 29 2020


3:00 pm - 4:30 pm




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