Cloud Journey – The Cloud Journey of Signify

Signify, the former Philips Lighting, is fully engaged in digital transformation, with the aim of serving the customer even better in a rapidly changing market. This wouldn’t be possible without an accompanying cloud transformation. After the split from Philips, the cost of IT had to decrease substantially. This was only possible through a large application rationalization and the shutdown of regional data centers. The starting point was “if it can run in the cloud, we put it in the cloud”. It’s a different story for the new interactive, connected LED lamps. There, the use of the functionality of the underlying cloud platforms is maximized. Providers are constantly developing new capabilities you can piggyback on. Again quite a few lessons learned and a completely different perspective on organization, architecture, economics, especially given the scale in which Signify operates.



jan 19 2021


3:00 pm - 4:30 pm




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