CIODAY Post Conference

Technology is the driver of a fundamentally different way of operating and doing business. Traditional companies are currently transforming into digital vanguard players – sometimes with new products and services in ditto markets. New kids on the block apply technology directly within the primary process and the often meaningful product.

Wherever you start as an organization: it is up to the CIOs, CTOs, CDOs and other IT leaders of our time to shape the intended digital transformation and add concrete business value based on the right technology vision and IT choices. This became apparent during the recent CIODAY2020, which took place entirely digitally this year.

Keep learning

The importance of learning and being open to new developments and always wanting to keep learning came up regularly during the event hosted in Studio21 in Hilversum. This was especially true for the four nominees for the CIO of the Year Award. In view of this crucial knowledge sharing within the Dutch CIO community, ICT Media is organizing an exclusive “Post Conference” on 9 February from 15.00 – 17.00 CET together with CIO Platform Nederland.

During this virtual event, we will continue to focus on the digital transformations that have already been initiated. Since COVID-19, the “purpose” has become more visible than ever. The contribution of an organization to society and the planet has long ceased to be an informal story, but go hand-in-hand with top-line growth.

During the Post Conference we once again sketch the contours of the modern IT design in a virtual and interactive way, which seamlessly connects with existing and new meaningful and value-adding business activities.



mrt 15 2021


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm




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