Innoveren en personaliseren met uniforme klantgegevens

Je bent nergens zonder betrouwbare, verifieerbare en samenhangende gegevens van je klanten. En betrouwbaar betekent hier ook: ‘actueel’ én ‘direct beschikbaar’. Alleen dan kun je je klanten goed bedienen en zorgen voor een prettige ervaring – waarvan ook je medewerkers gemotiveerd raken. Hoe kun je die data optimaliseren?

How cloud migration enables business transformation

The use of new technology will always be a mix of IT push and business pull. But no one would deny that today’s solutions, clouds, and software platforms are both preconditions and drivers of digital business transformation. This roundtable, co-hosted by Cloudreach, is all about sharing knowledge and experience on the benefits of migration to the public cloud. The guest speaker is Chris Gabriel, Chief Strategy Officer at Sapphire Systems.


Studio 21 - Hilversum

The annual network event for digital decision-makers in business, government, and everything in between. Not necessarily about the latest tech, this event brings together the community of CIOs, CDOs, and […]