A baseline fordigital and IT

The Digital Acceleration Index (DAI) is a proven assessment to define the digital maturity of your company. This assessment not only determines your companies starting point but also compares the maturity of your company to other companies and industries on a global scale. Each participating company receives a personalized report with the assessment results entered by a selection of your team members and business partners. CIOPN, ICT Media and BCG aim to run the DAI across the top 100+ Dutch companies to create a baseline ‘State of Digital & IT in the Netherlands’. This provides us with facts to enable a different type of IT discussion in the Netherlands, focusing on capability, value and impact rather than solutions and technologies.

The agreement

CIO Platform Nederland, Boston Consultancy Group and ICT Media collaborate to realise their goal to set a baseline for digital and IT in the Netherlands.

DAI best practises portal

When you have been benchmarked, the next step is to improve. To support this we are developing a portal filled with top level best practises categorised by the DAI. Enabeling you to find cases in areas you want to achieve growth at.
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