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Innovation, digital transformation, agility, speed... the entire wish list of organizations is based on one foundation: the cloud. Leveraging cloud-based applications for business transformation is often seen as a no-brainer – who doesn't use cloud technology? Nevertheless, cloud appears to be difficult in practice.

With regard to its use, many organizations are far from where they want to be. Sometimes the effort is limited to small innovations and scaling up is not within reach. Or the processes and culture are not ready for digital transformation, a data driven approach or moving vital data to the cloud. Or legacy gets in the way of cloud ambitions.

Our society is moving toward a platform era and an unprecedented digital acceleration. That's why CIO Magazine organizes a series of workshops with the continued adoption of the cloud as a focal point. This cloud journey highlights four important aspects that play a role in C-level decision making: business, people, organization (change management) and technology.

A study will be launched among Dutch CxOs shortly, in which we will attempt to pinpoint the "pain". The four workshops that follow will then focus on the "gain". The output of the workshops, presentations and interviews by CIO Magazine will lead to a white paper, distributed among the participants.

Tuesday 30 June 2020 | 15:00 - 18:30

During our second session we will focus on the exchange of insights in the CxO community via interactive peer-to-peer discussions. After presenting insights from our recently conducted survey amongst CxOs on the adoption of cloud, Hans Koolen (Sr Director Commercial-IT – Philips) will share his insights and experiences.

An initiative of CIO Magazine, this program aims to offer participants a path to a more sustainable cloud transition through the exchange of knowledge and experience – by several cloud frontrunners and the participants themselves. We also conduct research. With the cooperation of the participants we will bundle all knowledge in a series of articles and publish a white paper.

This program has been co-developed with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cognizant and Rackspace, creating awareness of successful transitions.

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Bart Schilt and Gerard Elkhuizen explaining the Cloud Journey Program on CIO TV (in Dutch)

The Ambassadors

Hans Koolen

Sr. Director Commercial IT / Tech Innovation, Philips

Marcel Krom


Anton Rutten

Head of IT Systems, Rabobank

Kurt de Ruwe

CIO, Signify

Jeroen Sanders

CIO, Enexis Groep

Marco Witteveen

COO, Member of the Managing Board, GarantiBank International


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