Oracle Belgium has opened its new Cloud eXperience Center. This was done in the presence of Alexander De Croo, Minister of Digital Agenda. From now on, everyone can experience innovative technologies and see how digital transformation affects companies.

The Cloud eXperience Center in Oracle’s Vilvoord headquarters will demonstrate emerging, new cloud technologies. Blockchain, chatbots, machine learning and artificial intelligence are just a few examples. The applications shown will also change regularly.

Everybody is talking more and more about new technologies, but it is not always easy to grasp their impact, even though some of them have been around for several years,’ says Jan Ronsse, managing director Oracle BeLux. The reason why everyone is talking about it today is that we have now reached such an enormous amount of data that smart computers are needed to process all that data. The benefits of artificial intelligence come to the surface here. Another example is cryptocurrencies as an application domain of blockchain. By showing our visitors how technologies can be applied, Oracle demonstrates their potential. And companies can then use that in their favour.

The Cloud Experience Center is located at the reception of Oracle Belgium, so that all visitors can take a look. Interested managers can also visit by appointment.

This post was originally published on Computable.

The cloud gives many companies access to new possibilities, for both the business and the IT department. The adoption of the cloud, however, really takes some doing. Now that many organisations are on the threshold of a large-scale transformation, executives involved feel new needs, like dialogue and sharing knowledge with their peers, exchanging experience, organising their position vis-à-vis policy-makers, keeping abreast with supplier developments, and possibly exerting influence on suppliers road maps. Cloud Boardrooms – for and by CxOs – responds to these needs.


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